Grand Lodge Charity

To whom it may concern,

My name is Renee Hyde and I am the granddaughter to the late Robert Whitlock R.O.H and daughter to Reynold Parker R.O.H. and mother of a beautiful 14 year old young lady Tasha Hyde.
Tasha was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hyperplasia and Cerebral Palsy at 6 months old; the doctors in Australia told us that there was nothing that can be done to correct her vision. She was completely blind in both eyes.

Charity2015_pageHi! My name is Tasha and this is my story…

Due to my conditions I was unable to do most things but my mother found a treatment that could help me using Stem Cells. Before I had my first round of treatments I was unable to do a lot of things, I only knew a few words, but now I can say a few more and I was not always able to communicate with my family but can now in my own way. I could not walk on my own without support,but did my best to get from one place to another, I can now take a few steps on my own and can walk up and down stairs with ease but I still need to hold a rail or someone’s hand and my biggest change is I have given my mum a kiss for the first time ever recently and she loved it. The main thing that is holding me back is my eye sight, before my first round of treatment I could not see anything and now I have light perception in my left eye and I can see some shadows, all the changes in me since the treatment have been amazing for me and my family.

The doctors in Australia had explained when I was younger to my parents that there was no chance I would ever be able to see, but my parents never lost the hope of one day giving me the ultimate gift of sight. This was when Tasha’s Hope for Sight began in 2009 as my Mummy was watching the news, she came across a story about children going overseas to receive treatment for ONH and CP which is offered at Beike Biotech China founded by the University of Beijing, China. This course of treatment utilises umbilical cord stem cells to encourage the growth of a patient’s own regenerative cells.

We did what we could to raise the money we needed to get to China, and in August 2010 we headed off. I had 8 doses of stem cells and intense therapy.We experienced success!!! I now have Light Perception in my left eye and can tell day from night. Before I went to China I was unable to walk very well,even with assistance,now however I’m a pro(with personal assistants)and can even do stairs with a helping hand. So please help my family;with my growth comes their growth. We are one and the same.

(Written on behalf of Tasha)

Our family’s goal is for Tasha to see her family and especially her mother (the one who has nurtured her through her life). Even if Tasha could see more shadows then this whole experience will be worth it.

To get our family overseas and receive this treatment, we will require $40,000 AUD (for treatment and travel expenses, food and living costs). As a struggling family we are unable to fund this for Tasha on a single wage and we really need to rely on the generosity of the public for support and funding. Every cent donated will bring us one step closer to giving us the opportunity to give our beautiful girl the gift of sight and a better life.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to read our story and learn of the difficulties we have faced so far and hope that Tasha’s future will be one that is bright and beautiful.

We will be fundraising in order to get Tasha her treatment.

Is there any way you can please help us????

We are seeking donations of Cash, Prizes for Raffles and a Mega Cent Auction.